Seismic Remedial Work

Earthquakes are a part of life in New Zealand, making sure your investment, whether it’s your house or a commercial building is protected in the event of a shake can cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

At Built Construction Group, we believe that it’s better to be prepared than to be left picking up the pieces if the worst takes place. Wellington straddles several fault lines and future shakes are inevitable.

As a seismic strengthening specialist, we follow the required legislation and building standards that have been put in place since the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes. It is our aim to meet the expectations of insurers and to withstand the impacts of the elements while keeping building users safe.

Seismic strengthening is a practical and economically viable option for earthquake-prone and vulnerable buildings. However, you can also rely on Built Construction Group to construct your new, earthquake-resistant new building. We use the latest in seismic strengthening methodologies and technologies to fight the onslaughts of nature.

Our Strength Lies in Vulnerable Buildings

Built Construction Group’s seismic strengthening service aims to reinforce vulnerable structures and buildings, as well as historic and new buildings.

When the trustees of the historic Katherine Mansfield homestead in Thorndon’s Tinakori Rd needed earthquake proofing, they came to us.

So, too, did the owner of the Master Builders building on Featherston st when they strengthened their carparks.

Also in Karori, a family concerned their internal chimney was not safe. As chimneys present a significant risk due to their weight and height.

Consult Built Construction Group for a complete strengthening or removal service. Compulsory compliance with stricter earthquake regulations is future proofing tomorrow’s living.

Built Construction Group offers high levels of practical and technical experience, along with a range of capabilities. We will handle the entire process from site safety of your project to arranging your compliance certificates.

Let us help maintain the value of your assets, and ensure the safety of the occupants of your buildings. Get in touch today to discuss your seismic strengthening needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any of your upcoming projects.

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