Project Management

We provide expert project management for any size project.

Any construction project is fraught with many potential frustrations, and unforeseen events. However, we have the experience and expertise to deliver on your specific needs, and the industry contacts to ensure successful fulfillment of your project.

As your dedicated project manager, we will appoint a team of experienced professionals for all the various aspects of the project, to deliver on time and on budget. Our professionals manage the process end-to-end including all briefings and consultations..

We work closely with council and lead the submission process for both development and building applications on behalf of our clients. All paperwork, including documents, contracts, drawings and specifications will be produced and managed by our experienced team on your behalf.

During the construction process, we provide complete administration to the project, delegate tasks to the builder, manage onsite meetings, and monitor progress. We will maintain cost controls and check progress against the deadline on an ongoing basis.

During the project, complete and transparent reports will be available at your request. Any problems we foresee will be our responsibility to identify and resolve,freeing you up to take care of other aspects of your role in the project.

When wrapping up a project we will make sure all compliance certificates, approvals, warranties and guarantees are handed over to you. It is our aim to ensure the project is handled to the best of our ability and to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Examples of our Work

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