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Master Builders House

In 2018, Built Construction Group was engaged by Chris Parkin, owner of Master Builders House at 234 Wakefield Street in Wellington, to convert two levels of car parks at the top of the building into office space, to repaint the entire building with a feature steel façade, and to complete a full seismic upgrade of the building – the total project cost was around $4 million.

The conversion of car parks to offices would provide Wellington with much-needed additional large office space, and the seismic upgrade was required so that the building would meet the new building standard for structural integrity – upon completion of the upgrade, the building attained a structural rating of 100% New Building Standard (NBS).

The main tenants at the time were Master Builders Association (head office) and BCITO, spread over separate levels, and with Lanes bar and bowling on the ground floor, as well as private apartments on the roof. We particularly enjoyed working alongside industry partners, Master Builders Association, and BCITO through whom we train all our apprentices at Built Construction Group.

The project was completed in 2020, having taken around 24 months. At its peak, there were around 15 builders working onsite, with a range of subcontractors, including a demolition crew, steel fabricators, scaffolders, painters, roofers, plumbers, window joiners for installation of new full-height partitions and large skylights, concrete floor grinders and polishers for exposed concrete floors, electricians, internal glaziers for the glazed balustrades that separate the car park levels, as well as building services subcontractors such as mechanical and fire.

Built Construction Group facilitated meetings with the client and architect to understand the project brief, and to ensure all phases of the project were carried through to completion accurately and efficiently. There were some design challenges along the way, but we worked with changes in scope and adjustments to plans, problem-solving until we got the right end result. We really enjoyed working with Chris Parkin, who was actively engaged with our team throughout the build.

The success of this project has helped Built Construction Group to secure future work – we were able to reference this project to Ryman Healthcare when the business approached us about undertaking work for it in early 2020.

Project Details


Chris Parkin

Project Type
Seismic Upgrade / Carpark Conversion to Offices


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